Sunday, April 23, 2006

Big announcement time...

As of May 22nd, 2006, I will be working as an Engineering Director for Google. Woo hoo!

For various reasons, I've been feeling somewhat restless in my current job. My lovely wife finally convinced me to get off my butt and start looking about for something new to keep me entertained. "Hey, how about Google? I hear they're hiring in Kirkland..."

I've been playing with LinkedIn for awhile now -- mostly just as a way to keep in touch with old co-workers. Here, finally, was a chance to use it for its intended purpose. Hmmm, Jeaneane worked with me back at Action Engine and Jeaneane knows Pete who is an ED at Google. Bingo! (BTW, thanks again Jeaneane for the introduction! I owe you one.)

I swung by the Google offices on the way home from work one day and chatted with Pete about the company, the environment, the people, and a host of other things. He showed me around and outlined some of the company's philosophies and such. I was hooked.

The interview process involved six different people over two days and I got a chance to talk with them about management problems, design problems and coding problems. Everybody was great and I had a blast.

After the local interview, my application had to go down to Mountainview for a final approval and blessing by Larry Page. I was told to expect an answer the following Friday.

Tick, tick, tick...

Fortunately, the Google hiring department apparently believes in an under-promise, over-deliver philosophy and I was notified on Wednesday that everything had been approved we were ready to rock-n-roll.

Now, with full awareness that my position may change once I get inside and see all the dirty laundry, I have to say I have never been quite so excited to start a new job as with this one. From everything I've seen so far, Google just gets it. Hire the best you can find, give them a great environment and all the resources they need, and cut them loose to be creative and build great things.

Mama, I'm home.

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Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo! Can't wait until you get to start! Wouldn't it be great if we could rendevous in Kirkland for lunch! No more 520 every day!!!!