Monday, July 28, 2008

Buying from Lenovo

My wife recently decided that, as light and sexy as the Mac Air is, she'd rather go back to a Windows laptop (yes, it happens.) She really liked the Thinkpad she had while at Google so we went to the Lenovo site to see what was currently available.

After comparing a few models, she found and configured the one she liked and went to checkout. Whoops, have to create an account first. Fine.

That's when we started playing a little game with the Lenovo site designers.

"Please select a password (must be at least 8 characters)"

Ok, here you go... **********

"Error: your password may only contain the letters a-z and numbers"

Um, ok... Let's try this... **********

"Error: your password must contain at least two numbers"

We can play this game all night.

Advice to aspiring account creation designers: if you have specific rules about what kind of password you'll accept, tell me ALL of them up front.

But wait, we're not done.

"There are two counties in your zipcode, please select the correct one for tax calculation purposes"

Option 1 - KING (RTA)
Option 2 - KING

Sorry Lenovo, but that's the same county, but I'll play along and pick one.

Total price: $1,294.42
Estimated tax: $3,441.82
Total: $4,736.24

Wow, taxes have gone up.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A new adventure

Haven’t posted for awhile but am trying out Live Writer to see if I like it. The jury’s still out (actually, the jury hasn’t even had the case presented yet.)

To catch up… I left Google around Christmas last year to start a new venture. Google was a very entertaining place to be but I’m really much more cut out for the start-up environment. Best of luck to everyone still there – I think they’ll be fine if they can just figure out how to make money off that search idea of theirs.

We’re not really talking too much about the new venture yet but we’ve had some very interesting developments unfold over the past week so there may be more to say in a little while.